Afenifere Urges Tinubu To Restructure Nigeria …Reiterates Call For State Police ‘S’West Govs Should Make Yoruba Language Compulsory In Primary, Secondary Schools’

COMMUNIQUE ISSUED AT THE END OF AFENIFERE CAUCUS MEETING THAT HELD AT THE AKURE RESIDENCE OF THE LEADER, PA REUBEN FASORANTI, OFR, ON TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 2023. A Caucus meeting of pan-Yoruba socio-cultural and political organization, Afenifere, held on Tuesday, November 28, 2023 in the Akure home of the Leader, Pa Reuben Famuyide Fasoranti, OFR.

After formally welcoming members to the meeting, The Leader asked His Royal Majesty, Oba Olu Falae, to preside over the meeting. The Leader was, of course, in attendance throughout the duration of the meeting.

Before then, The Leader took note of President Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s intervention in the political rift in Ondo State following the call by Elders in the State on him to do so.

In attendance were representatives from various State Chapters of Afenifere as well as a Co-ordinator of the organization in the United States of America and Canada.

The meeting deliberated on issues affecting the organization, Yorubaland and Nigeria as a whole. Issues discussed included the state of the nation with particular reference to the socio-economic and security situations in the country. Also discussed was how the country can be Restructured to bring about a new (and better) lease of life.

After robust discussions, the meeting came up with Resolutions on the issues discussed. Some of the Resolutions are as follow:

1. Afenifere resolved that the push for Restructuring in Nigeria should be taken to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who was a key participant in the struggle against military rule and agitation for a restructured Nigeria. The meeting acknowledge that although he is a member of the Vanguard in the quest for a new Nigeria, there is the need to remind him, so that he does not forget what needs to be done, how to do it – and doing it on time too.

2. The successes being recorded by the military in its fight against terrorists, especially in the North East and North Central, are noted with commendation. In spite of this however, the spike in internal security breaches in recent times is quite worrisome. The meeting therefore called on the Federal Government and Security Agencies to urgently take steps that would be more effective in tackling the insecurity behemoth that is threatening socio-economic well-being of the people.

3. In addition to strengthening the capacity of security agencies, especially the Police, the time is ripe for President Bola Tinubu to issue an Executive Order to enable States and Local Government Councils to establish own Police Services. Such decentralization of the Police will facilitate the curtailment of breaches in internal security.

4. While States are putting machinery in motion for State Police, an Executive Bill should be sent to the National Assembly by the Presidency to amend relevant sections of the 1999 Constitution that deal with the establishment of the Nigerian Police.

5. Indications coming from the Central Bank are raising the hope of Nigerians that the value of the Naira will soon be boosted with a view to strengthening the purchasing power of the people. Afenifere urged the Federal Government through its various organs in charge of finance and fiscal policies to accelerate actions that will strengthen the value of our currency, enhance productivity, reduce costs of items and services all geared towards reducing inflation and enhancing the welfare of the people.

6. The meeting also took note of the assurances being given in regard to the commencement of production of petroleum products by some Refineries in the country very soon. It then urged the government to ensure that the deadlines given are adhered to. For instance, the December deadline given for Port Harcourt Refinery to resume production should be met. This is with a view to bringing the cost of petroleum products down as high costs of these products are contributing to the soaring prices of commodities and services in the country!

7. Afenifere observed that Yoruba language is under threat of extinction due to the fact that many Yorubas, especially elites, prefer to communicate with their children in English rather than in their native language. To prevent the language from going into extinction therefore, Afenifere called on Governments in Yorubaland to make the language the medium for teaching at elementary and lower level of secondary education. And make it compulsory for students at school certificate examination level. It also called on parents and guardians to change their attitude by ensuring that their children are versed in Yoruba language. At the end of the meeting, The Leader prayed for everyone, for Yorubaland and for Nigeria.

He prayed for President Bola Tinubu and Governments at all levels to succeed “as their success will impact positively on the well-being of our people”.

He once again thanked everyone as he wished all a successful Christmas and New Year in advance.


Comrade Jare Ajayi

National Publicity Secretary, Afenifere Worldwide.

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