Beware Of Fake Pastors, Adeboye Warns Worshippers ….Says Yahoo Yahoo Boys Will Go To Hell

General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has warned his Congregation to be wary of false pastors who teach heresy.

Speaking at the Holy Ghost Congress, titled “Divine Repositioning” at the Redemption City on Tuesday, Adeboye warned that so many pastors have embarked on fasle teaching to win more souls for the Satan.

The Televangeslist warned the worshipers to beware of false teachers who may want to drag them from the mountain to the myrrh clay through fasle teachings.

He said; ” Some pastors will tell you that once you are saved, you are saved. That’s not true. You can’t be saying that you are saved and continue to lie, cheat people, and fornicate and think you are going to heaven when the Bible says, ‘ We can be in sin and expect His Grace to abound, God forbid. That’s why Romans 12 verses 1 and 2 warned that we should present our bodies a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable. That’s our reasonable service.

” Some pastors are saying Moses and Elijah are problematic. How? These are the two prophets who met Jesus Christ on the Transfiguration Mountain.”

He maintained that no unclean persons will inherit heaven because God is holy.

” You can’t say you are Christian, speaking in tongues, and you do yahoo yahoo, you’ll go to hell,” Adeboye added.

Quoting copiously from 1 Corinthians 10:12, Adeboye who says he fashioned his life after Paul the apostle as recorded in the Bible, said he was glad that God gave him the courage to preach the message, adding that none of his children ( biological and members of RCCG) will fall prey to the false pastors who are on the prowl.

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