Tinubu’s 4D Policy Unveiled To The World

By Bukar Bolori

The Federal Government has unveiled President Bola Tinubu’s 4D Policy to the World through the Diplomatic Corps in the country.

The launching of 4D policy is one of the present administration’s vision to drive its transformative agenda and seeks to recalibrate Nigeria’s global engagement strategy.

In his opening remarks to the members of the diplomatic corps in the country at an occasion on Monday night, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Yusuf Tuggar reiterated the important of this agenda while urging the diplomatic corps present to embrace this new development.

He said: “Our new foreign policy doctrine provides dynamic and unique concepts, which is anchored on democracy, developments, demography and diaspora. The 4D Tinubu doctrine birthed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs aligns with the core vision of the Ministry to effectively position herself as Nigeria’s window to the international community. The Atrium’s immersive experience would showcase the Tinubu 4D doctrine and the opportunities that will attract foreign direct investment.

“The Atrium will also raise awareness on the power of art and culture to foster understanding and cooperation amongst nations. Finally, the Atrium will highlight the Ministry of Foreign Affairs efforts to blend culture and diplomacy to reposition Nigeria’s identity globally”.

Tuggar while thanking the foreign diplomats who grace the occasion, he further shed more clarifications on Mr. President reason for this new idea .

He added that: “While the exhibition presents a unique ambience crystallizing the cultural heritage, values and aspirations of the people of Nigeria the most populous black nation in the world, a people bound by common history, diverse cultures yet united for developments, peace, progress, and prosperity. Nigeria and indeed, Africa’s development depends increasingly on a new line of vision, which has been well articulated in Mr. President’s new foreign policy concepts. In the same way, this exhibition has been carefully set up to, among other things showcase Nigeria’s history and diplomatic engagements.”

He said: ” Democracy has come to stay as the universally accepted form of governance that guarantees freedom, human rights and the rule of law. However, within the ambit of democracy comes the burden of ensuring its viability and functionality to embrace divergent interests and ensuring that democratic institutions are strengthened to serve the collective interests of the people being the largest democracy on the continent, the President’s keen interest in strengthening democracy is why it’s in one of the 4Ds and it’s underscored by the opportunities that come with it, as well as the challenges that confront it, namely, in places where we’re now witnessing recourse to the unconstitutional changes in governments.”

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