Purported Nationwide Strike Fake News-TUC

The attention of Congress has been drawn to a circular, entitled, “NOTICE OF NATIONWIDE STRIKE ACTION: A GENTLE REMINDER,” purportedly jointly issued by TUC and NLC directing their affiliates to withdraw their services effective 12 midnight of 18th December, 2023.

We hereby state unequivocally that we never issued the said circular; it is therefore fake, the information contained therein is false, mischievous, malicious and misleading.

Accordingly, our affiliates, and indeed all Nigerians should disregard this notice, its false.

Be rest assured that our Trade Union Center is at all times dedicated and determined to project and protect the interests of its members (and the masses of the Nigerian people), but in so doing we have our modus operandi (which is predicated upon and consistent with global best practices.

The circular in question is a complete negation of that, it was cloned from the original circular we issued jointly with the NLC in September, 2023 for the scheduled strike of 3rd October 2023.

We urge all Nigerians to ignore the notice and go about their normal businesses. It is nothing but the handiwork of some unprincipled mischief makers.

Comrade Nuhu A. Toro

Secretary General

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