Christmas:Political Leaders Should Show Empathy On Nigerians ….Ven Kanta


As Christians in Kebbi State joined their Christians faithfuls across the Country to celebrate this year Christmas celebrations, the Chairman of Christians Association of Nigeria (CAN) Kebbi State chapter, Venerable (Dr.) Ayuba Kanta has called on political leaders in the country to show empathy on Nigeria masses.

Venerable Kant who made this know to the Tribune online short after the Sunday service that preceded Christmas celebrations stated that Nigerians are in serious pains and hardship occasioned by hard economic policies and insecurity in the land which have continued to show negative impacts on the Nigeria masses.

He pointed out that the Palliative announced by government to cushion the effect of oil subsidy removal did not get to the reach of the majority of masses as such palliative ended up in the confine of politicians and their cronies.

On the issue of insecurity, the renowned clergy man said Kebbi State government is trying, but urged it to do more to demonstrate good leadership in this direction to the the point that people in the rural areas of the State can sleep with their two eyes closed.

He, therefore, admonished leaders to have the fear of God at heart and they should also remember that one day they would stand before God and give account of their leadership on earth.

Given account of Christmas celebrations, Dr. Kanta who is also the Vicar in charge of St. Luke’s Anglican Cathedral Church, Birnin-Kebbi, said the celebration is a celebration of joy to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ as prophesised by by Prophet Isaiah in Isaiah 9:6, “onto us a child is born and government shall be upon his shoulder.

“The significant of Christmas therefore is also that ‘JESUS’, as an Angel pronounced that his birth would bring salvation to mankind, bringing man out of slavery, bondage, imprisonment etc.

“Whatever political position one occupy should be seen as a privilege to serve humanity, we are not seeing things getting better, the poor are getting poorer on daily basis.” 

“Our leaders, whether Muslims or Christians known what the Holy Quran and the hadith’s says about judgment day. It is also there in the Holy Bible, old and new testament. Our leaders should turn a new leaf and God would bless them and bless Nigeria.”

The CAN Chairman also called on celebrating Christians especially the youths not to indulge in unholy acts, they should not use the occasion to commit immoralities, adding that Christmas celebration is to draw us closer to God and not to drag us to commit sins and crimes.

The youth, he added further, should be careful, they should use this season to reflect on God’s love and share the same love with their neighbors.

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