Don’t Give All Your Money To Church, Give The Poor – Kumuyi

The general superintendent of Deeper Life Christian Ministry, Pastor W F Kumuyi, has advised Christians to remember the poor in their giving, adding that all the money in one’s possession should not be directed towards the church alone.

Pastor Kumuyi was reacting to the action of Genesis Pastor, a Celestial ministry who directed those who wanted to give to church during the service recently to send those money to their families and loved ones.

“I learnt of a preacher somewhere. He told his congregation now, we are going to collect offerings. He asked those who had N10,000 to give to raise their hands, and he asked those who had N20,000 to give to raise their hands.

“He asked those who had N50,000, they raised their hands. And he said all the money they wanted to give to the church, they should go and give to the poor in their neighbourhood rather than bringing it to the church.”

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