Bishop Ajose’s Bombshell To African Leaders: Expect More Military Take Overs In 2024 ….Says Atiku, Obi Will Be ‘Retired’

“Most Church fathers shall lose their leadership positions in Churches due to government policies and subtle pressure occasioned by threat of unpleasant disclosures of some hidden past actions”

A Theologian/Prophetic and Warfare Intercessor, Bishop Dr Theophilus Ajose, has declared that more military take overs is inevitable in African continent this year.

Bishop Ajose in his annual prophecies tagged ‘Prophecy for Nigeria and the world’ says as a result of the military take over in a great African country, intercessions should be made to avert a bloody civil war.

Ajose maintained that two other African countries shall witnessed military incursions.

On the United States of American Presidential election, the televangelist said it will be full of surprises as ‘unexpected leadership emerges.’

Below is the full text of the 2024 prophecies

The paradoxical Year 2024 comes with unprecedented happenings and manifestations that will change the way we relate and operate in the world presently. It is also a year of paradoxical occurrences which shall leave least prepared people more confused.

The Cherubim-Archangel of the Year 2024, who has never left the celestial realm since creation, has been assigned the onerous assignment by the Godhead to enforce the divine will on the earth in order to stop the catastrophic plans of anti-Christ Satanic world powers to speed forward toward political, social and economic anarchy.

The power of the Name, Person, Blood and Authority of Jesus Christ shall be made more manifest in 2024 and those who walk in the authority of the our Lord Jesus Christ shall perform more exploits and gain much grounds for the Lord in the hearts and souls of the unregenerate; and in many nations of the world.

The Holy Spirit shall hover and brood over peoples and nations to remove the veil of darkness covering the eyes of understanding of the enemies of the cross of Jesus Christ. More souls shall be brought to the knowledge of Christ Jesus in 2024 than in the last fifteen (15) years!


A violent leadership change of government shall occur in a great African nation; intercessions should be engaged to avert civil war as a result of bloodbath occasioned by the violent change of political leadership in this great African nation. Two other nations in Africa shall also experience military take over of government.

The USA elections shall bring a lot of surprises to the world as new unexpected leadership emerges. The nation of America, and in deed the world, shall never be the same again after the 2024 elections.


Incessant prayers and intercessions should be made for the first Black President of the United States of America, President Barak Obama, concerning health challenges which may threaten his life and peace.


The current war on-going between Israel and Hamas shall continue unabated in the first quarter of 2024. An attack too many from Israel shall attract world-wide condemnations and this may threaten the relationship between Israel and its allies. However, more nations of Arab extraction shall extend an olive brach to Israel and shall work out peace plan for the Middle East.


The restiveness in Nigeria’s political and partisan narratives continues in 2024 with meltdown syndromes rearing its head up in the major opposition political parties occasioned by internal divisions, strifes and betrayals. This will initially lead to a seeming one-party situation however, the ruling party shall experience rebellious and disloyal activities which shall also lead to an unstable political front which may threaten its hold on power. Uncommon divine wisdom is needed by the ruling government to galvanize the political system in order to avoid unnecessary social unrests which may lead to political instability.


The first half of 2024 is a flash point and mine-field on the political path of the Nigerian President and the Nigerian government. 2024 presents the fiercest political test and challenge to Nigeria’s foremost political proverbial “cat with nine lives”! The Archangel of the Nigeria nation speaks the mysteries of Nigeria’s survival and posited that the first four (4) months of the year 2024 should see the President building bridges across the different political divides and he should not listen to his “enemies in friends’ clothing” who are urging him to tread a unitary path to nowhere. Health: Concurrently at this period, the President needs to reduce his work loads and take adequate rest of his body and mind in order to avert a major health strike. The President should be very careful what and where he drinks or eat and should avoid drinking water not directly from his own source or provision.Social Unrest From the first quarter of 2024, some elements within and outside the government shall take advantage of the uncanny economic situations to create a system of social unrest in the country. The government needs to ask for divine wisdom in handling these moles and their collaborators in order to forestal a total breakdown of law and order.


The Nigeria Church and Church fathers need to pray fervently for the Church in Nigeria and its future. 2024 starts in earnest with subtle attacks on the church both from within and without! Most Church fathers shall lose their leadership positions in Churches due to government policies and subtle pressure occasioned by threat of unpleasant disclosures of some hidden past actions. Internal agitation and leadership crises within church leadership shall also lead to the emergence of new religious leaders in the country.In fact, there MUST be a change in the leadership and structure of the ruling political party, the All progressives Congress (APC), within the first quarter of 2024 if the government in power must survive the political and social whirlwinds coming at it engineered by the moles and wolves within, in alignment with their international and regional collaborators.


The three other leading political parties in Nigeria shall experience internal warfare and realignment which may see most of its foremost members joining or working for the ruling political party, APC. These may temporarily cause mass exodus of members from these parties however, the remnant shall build up these parties to make them stronger than hitherto. The duo of Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Peter Obi of the Labour Party (LP) shall be systematically “retired” by their political parties in order to create a more vibrant and stronger platform for political engagements and power.


There shall be a wave of natural disasters across North America and Western Europe in 2024. Heat waves shall blow through North and West Africa which may result in unprecedented deaths of animals and humans, with concomitant health challenges, if intervention responses are not deployed in time. Scientists shall discover unusual movements and occurrences in both the solar and stellar entities. An unusual and unprecedented movement of the sun and a change in the radiation of light by the stars shall lead to a scientific bewilderment and fear which may lift up hitherto jettisoned scientific hypotheses concerning these entities from scientific “waste bins.” This discovery shall lead to our world emerging into a “new” world with inventions and knowledge that will change the way we live and operate our lives in the nearest future. Western Nigeria, especially Lagos, Ogun and Oyo states, should put necessary precautionary measures and policy in place in order to ameliorate the effects of a large scale flooding and storm coming to this region in the second and third quarter of 2024.

RELIGIOUS REENGINEERING AND PERSECUTION. The religious and social worlds of the peoples on the earth, modes of worship and social communication and interaction shall be greatly reengineered in a way that will see many people question their faiths and spiritual leaders. Centuries long-held religious belief systems shall be jettisoned for new and compromised religious systems. Religion persecution shall increase and be unprecedented in 2024 more than the last 500 years!


Right from the first week of the month of January, 2024, there shall confusion of high magnitude among the world powerful nations. There shall be multiple economic and political warfare engagements that shall greatly affect the economies of the world. From the month of April, 2024, third world countries shall have their export capabilities hampered and they shall be compelled to increase their importation of goods and services, which they don’t need. This will then create economic hardships of great dimensions leading to various forms of social unrests. The countries that shall be hard hit are North and West African countries and most of the Caribbean countries.The government shall set up a machinery to monitor and regulate religious activities in the country. This will lead to a temporary religious unrest in the country. Two church fathers from leading churches in Nigeria shall have a face-off with the government. This may lead to arrest or prosecution if not handled with divine wisdom. Two great church fathers shall transit to glory in 2024. The nation and in deed the world shall miss them greatly!

ONDO STATE 2024 sets up a new and surprising leadership in the governance of Ondo state, away from the traditional political gladiators, current political and partisan personalities. This will bring about an unsettled political atmosphere which will eventually die down leading to a more people-oriented and humane leadership. There shall be unexpected surprises in the emergence of “paper-weight” personalities into political governance positions in the State.

The political enemies of Peter Obi shall enmesh him in a scandal, with International undertone, which shall weaken his political resolve and cause him to retreat politically. He should also avoid unnecessary travels and avoid heavily crowded environments. He shall receive an International award in 2024

The New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) should be very careful of wasting away its strong political fortune and grace! There should be intense prayers against spiritually- engineered attack on the leadership of the party. NNPP shall still make a strong showing on the Nigeria political space if it embraces peace within its fold. Dr. Rabiu Kwankwaso, the Presidential candidate of the NNPP in the 2023 general election, shall still remain highly relevant in Nigeria political narrative and shall be the wooing-bride of other political parties in 2024. However, he needs to seek the face of the Lord in order to avoid walking through doors not opened by the Lord and to know and understand his divine role in the stabilization of the Nigerian polity. He should take much time to rest and avoid travels in the first quarter of 2024.


Despite some unwelcome events of 2024, there shall be a great paradoxical increase in the wealth and prosperity of the peoples on the earth. People shall make more money and wealth through farming, financial trading and technology, stocks, cryptocurrency, internet and cyberspace services, consultancy services, real estate and medicals. Those who desire to create wealth for themselves from 2024 and beyond should take up skills in these areas and fields. In fact, the Cherubim-Archangel of the Year 2024 has the divine mandate and command of the Holy Spirit for wealth creation and distribution in the nations of the world. There shall be more billionaires in 2024 than in the last 10 years, most of them shall be bellow the age of 50 years old!


These quadruple nations shall be the cynosure of all eyes in 2024 as they all battle for supremacy of authority in world affairs. This will greatly affect the structure and nature of the United Nations and shall lead to its unprecedented restructuring from how it is presently constituted. There shall be a serious confrontation between the USA and Russia; and between China and USA in the first half of 2024. These shall lead to diplomatic rows and realignment among these nations. The Lord of hosts shall intervene to ameliorate a great conflict which would have brought the world into a third world war (the time is not yet!)


One of these quadruple nations of USA, UK, Russia and China shall lose its leader in 2024 and there shall also be a great social unrest in the USA and Russia in 2024. There shall be a leadership change in the United Kingdom in the first half of 2024.

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