We Are In Democracy, Not Autocracy, LP Slams Sanwo-Olu Over ‘Useless Boy’ Comment On Okada Rider


Today, January 2nd 2024, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, on his way to Lagos State University (LASU) nabbed some Okada Riders riding on one-way and ordered his Security Aides to apprehend the offenders.

Amongst these offenders was a Soldier and he immediately identified himself as one. In his response to the Soldier, Governor Sanwo-Olu responded by saying, “useless boy, put him there, let your father come and rescue you”.

For the Governor’s information, the Federal Government is statutorily the Soldier’s Operational Father the moment he signed up to join the Nigerian Army. What an abusive manner to start the New Year, insulting not only the Soldier but also his biological Father and his Operational Father, the Federal Government.

Again, for the Governor’s information, the Nigerian Military has its rules and regulations, the erring Soldier ought to be court-marshalled and not condemned by the Governor on the spot by abusing his Father.

The offender has a right to fair hearing.To us in Labour Party, the Governor’s statement and reaction is unbecoming of someone at the helm of affairs of a State like Lagos. While not supporting the action of the Soldier for breaking the law, we take exceptions to the Governor using derogatory statements against the citizens.

You will recall that the Governor also walked out on a Journalist who asked a question on the outcome of the investigation on the death of the Popular Musician, MOHBAD. Our understanding of governance is responsiveness and responsibility to the citizens and NOT the use of abusive and derogatory languages.

Is Lagos State now a captured State? It is this same Governor, while seeking for votes of Lagosians, that turned himself to an emergency Church Usher, a Mechanic Apprentice and all kinds of things just to grab power.

Having now grabbed power using Agberos and all kinds of illegal practices turned his fangs on the people. A Leader should lead by example and NOT abuse the citizens. What went wrong with correctional measures?

Indeed, we condemn the Soldier for his action. Nonetheless, we equally and seriously too, condemn the Governor for using such derogatory statement on the Soldier.

Our belief is that the Governor ought to know more than the Soldier and should have been civil and moderate in his choice of words. Apprehending the offender ought to have sufficed and not resort to abusive and derogatory language.

TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT. We are in a Democracy and not Autocracy.

Olubunmi Odesanya

Publicity Secretary

Labour Party

Lagos State

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