Akin Akande: Celebrating An Enigma @ 60

I met Pastor Akin Andrew Akande sometimes in 2003 during the course of preparing for my marriage at Foursquare Camp, Idimu. And since then, I have discovered that the enigma called Akin ‘Akeem’ Andrew Akande is a man that leads others to find their purpose and fulfil it.

This he has done consistently for years and the result is everywhere for people to see.

Like the popular saying, it’s clear to the eyes and audible to the blind.

I am not used to praise- singing people, but I have found out that it’s better to celebrate the people you truly love while they are living and could appreciate it- hence it becomes an elegy after their exit.

Pastor Akande has touched my life in many ways: from the preparation for my marriage in 2003 to the D-Day in April 2004 and till today, the man of God has consistently be of great help.

God has used him tremendously to intervene at crucial moments for me and my family. He’s been and still a Pastor, teacher, prophet, father and big brother all rolled into one.I will cite two instances here to demonstrate the deep love Pastor Akande has for his members.

Sometimes in 2008, I lost my beloved mother, Mrs Morolawun Kolawole née Ogunboyede. As we were preparing for the burial, I met with Pastor Akande for prayers to have a successful and hitch free funeral.

I was therefore, pleasantly surprised when in addition to prayers, he also gave me a package.

At another time, mere mentioning to him that I was cash strapped, he reached to his drawer and brought out an envelope that someone just gave to him.

Akande, a mathematician turned clergy is an uncommon Preacher whose slender arm is full of kindness.

What more can I wish Pastor Akande on this auspicious day of his birth than to say God continues to bless him, his family and ministry continually.

On behalf of the Oriola family we shout 60 ‘gbosas’ for the man God has given the mandate to help people locate their destiny and fulfil it.

Happy fabulous 60th birthday to my father in the Lord.

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