Photos: Senator Iroegbu Tasks Wike Over Poor Handling Of Abuja Road Resurfacing


The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike has been asked to ensure no shodding jobs is delivered by the contractors presently handling the resurfacing of streets in Abuja.

The advice was given by a concerned resident of Abuja, Senator Iroegbu, in a letter he wrote the Minister, over poor handling of the ongoing resurfacing of streets in Wuse, Abuja, by contractors.

In the letter addressed, Iroegbu acknowledged efforts made by the FCT minister to improve infrastructure in the federal capital but called the minister’s attention to poor execution of the project.

Iroegbu said the contractors have either abandoned work midway or poorly executed jobs in parts of the city, resulting in gullies and erosion.

Iroegbu who attached pictures of the badly done job to his letter, said some streets received preliminary layers, while others remained untouched, thereby worsening the plight of residents.

The letter read: “I am writing to appeal to you regarding the ongoing resurfacing of streets and roads in Wuse, as I am deeply concerned about the current state of the project and its implications for our community.

“While I appreciate your efforts to improve the infrastructure in the Nation’s Capital, it is imperative that we ensure the integrity and quality of the work being carried out by contractors. Unfortunately, our experience in Wuse has revealed some alarming issues that need urgent attention.

“It is disheartening to observe that many contractors seem to have abandoned their work midway, resulting in streets being left in a state worse than before the upgrades. Some streets have been completed hastily and haphazardly, while others have been left half-finished or poorly executed.”

He added in the letter that: “Of particular concern is the manner in which certain contractors have completely excavated the roads, removing all layers of tarmac down to the earth surface. This has not only created gullies in some streets but also exacerbated erosion issues, especially during the rainy season. While some streets have received a preliminary layer of gravel and tarmac, others have been left untouched, leaving us vulnerable to further damage.”

Iroegbu urged the minister to implement robust monitoring and evaluation mechanisms by an independent team to ensure contractors fulfill their obligations and maintain road quality.

“It is my earnest hope that these contractors will return to complete the job. However, without effective monitoring and oversight, there is a risk that they may falsely claim to have finished their work. I have noticed that they prioritize completing more prominent streets to create the illusion of progress, while neglecting others that are equally important.

“I urge you to implement robust monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, conducted by a vetted team independent of official channels, to ensure that contractors fulfill their obligations and maintain the quality of our roads. This oversight should extend beyond Wuse to other areas undergoing road projects in the FCT,” he stated.

The concerned resident further appealed to Wike on the urgent need for action on the bridge linking Wuse and Wuye, asserting that the closure of interlinks has led to significant traffic diversion, causing severe gridlock at key junctions.

Iroegbu stressed the importance of prompt intervention, considering that the situation could worsen during the rainy season.

He said, “I would like to draw your attention to the urgent need for action on the construction of the bridge linking Wuse and Wuye. The closure of interlinks between Olu Obasanjo Way and Nnamdi Azikiwe ExpressWay has resulted in significant traffic diversion to Michael Okpara Street, causing severe gridlock at key junctions such as PDP Wadata House/Skye Memorial and Berger Junction. This situation is likely to worsen during the rainy season and requires prompt intervention.”

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