Ondo APC Guber Ticket; Aiyedatiwa As The Path To Sustainable Growth

By Olufemi Lawson

As the April 2024 Governorship primary of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ondo State draws near, the spotlight is firmly fixed on Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa as the hope for sustainable development in the state. His recent assumption of office, merely four months ago, has already begun to redefine governance in Ondo State, promising a future brimming with prosperity and progress.

Governor Aiyedatiwa’s candidacy represents not just a political choice but a strategic decision for the APC and the people of Ondo State. If given the backing of the party’s leadership, including the influential President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the National Working Committee led by Dr. Umar Abdullahi Ganduje, Governor Aiyedatiwa stands as a candidate, to market APC’s commitment to effective governance and inclusive development in Ondo State.

The support from APC leaders across Ondo State and the overwhelming endorsement from grassroots supporters further solidify Governor Aiyedatiwa’s position as the frontrunner in the upcoming primary. His popularity transcends party lines, making him the most favored candidate among all aspirants vying for the governorship across political parties.

What distinguishes Governor Aiyedatiwa’s candidacy is not just his popularity but his proven track record and visionary approach to governance. In his brief tenure, Governor Aiyedatiwa has demonstrated unwavering dedication to delivering tangible results and improving the lives of the people of Ondo State.

Under his leadership, initiatives aimed at sustainable growth and development are taking center stage. From infrastructure to social welfare programs, Governor Aiyedatiwa is prioritizing investments that lay the foundation for long-term prosperity. His commitment to harnessing the state’s resources for the benefit of all citizens is evident in his proactive policies and strategic planning.

Furthermore, Governor Aiyedatiwa’s emphasis on inclusivity and community engagement has garnered widespread acclaim. By fostering dialogue and collaboration with various stakeholders, he has cultivated an environment conducive to progress and innovation. His administration’s consultative approach ensures that the voices of the people are heard and their needs addressed effectively.

In light of all these, Governor Aiyedatiwa represents the best chance for the APC to secure victory in the November 2024 Ondo State Governorship election. His leadership embodies the principles of integrity, transparency, and accountability, which resonate deeply with the electorate.

Electing Governor Aiyedatiwa as the Governor of Ondo State is not just a choice for continuity but a pledge for a brighter future. His vision for sustainable growth and development aligns with the aspirations of the people, offering a roadmap for prosperity that transcends political divides.

As the APC prepares for the crucial primary election, it is imperative that party members and stakeholders rally behind Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa. His candidacy represents a catalyst for positive change and a testament to the transformative power of effective leadership.

Without dout, Governor Aiyedatiwa’s candidacy stands to herald a new dawn for Ondo State, characterized by progress, prosperity, and sustainable development. By choosing him as their standard-bearer, the APC not only ensures victory but also reaffirms its commitment to delivering the dividends of democracy to the people of Ondo State. Together, let us forge ahead on the path to a brighter future under the leadership of Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa.

Let the Sun Shine Again.

Olufemi Lawson is the Executive Director, Centre for Public Accountability (CPA)

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