Charterhouse: British Primary School Opens In Lagos …..Tuition N42 Million ….Registration N2 Million

Charterhouse, a new school in Lagos, will open its doors in September for parents who have already paid the ₦2 million application fee and Nigerians are not finding it funny.

Expensive primary education where pupils learn to ride horses and other things rich people like their children to learn has always been part of the lives of Nigerians with means.

But the price tag of this new primary school that will open its doors to children between the ages of five to eight this year has sent X (formerly Twitter) into a frenzy.

Charterhouse School has long been a fixture for wealthy people in the UK, but in September, Charterhouse Lagos will launch for parents looking to give their children “an unparalleled advantage to develop and achieve their academic and social potential.

”With tag lines like “Privilege, Prestige, Presence,” and “Inspired by Britain, delivered in Lagos,” there is enough reason to be hawkish about the arrival of Charterhouse Lagos in Lekki where construction is still underway, but it’s the price tag that has set X on fire.

FTN reports that Charterhouse Lagos, on its website says that it is rethinking education for the 21st Century.

“We are driven by enlightened ideas and evidence-based methods of effective learning. We believe in empowering skilled teachers to create a dynamic, respectful and tolerant environment where children are inspired to achieve,” it stated.

According to John Todd, the school’s head and Director of Education, “A good education can change lives, and Charterhouse Lagos has the potential to be transformational.”

After prospective pupils have gone through a process known as “registration and validation that your child is eligible to apply,” an application fee of ₦2 million to Charterhouse Lagos will be paid. For emphasis, this is not tuition.

Annual tuition a screenshot shared on X shows is ₦42 million. If you’re lucky you might get the cheaper 31.5 million for “founding students” looking to cop the “social potential” for success we all need.


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