Wale Akinteriwa:Ondo AG Confirms Anti-Graft Operations In Ondo State; Asserts Government Will Not Interfere In The Investigations

The Attorney General & Commissioner for Justice of Ondo State, Dr. Olukayode Ajulo SAN OON, has confirmed that operations targeting fraud and financial crimes are currently taking place within the state.

This confirmation comes after the recent announcement by the anti-graft agency declaring Mr. Wale Akinteriwa, a former commissioner and aspirant in the 2024 governorship election for the APC, as a wanted individual.

When questioned by journalists about ongoing investigations against individuals and corporations, Dr. Ajulo in affirmative however emphasized that the state government will not interfere with the operations of agencies such as the Police, EFCC, ICPC, and the Ondo State Public Complaint, Financial Crime and Anti-Corruption Commission.

He further stated that some of this petitions is about the State’s resources of which the State Public Complaint, Financial Crime and Anti-Corruption Commission by the extant law in operation is empowered to look into.

Dr. Ajulo further provided details, mentioning the influx of petitions he had received since assuming the role of Attorney General of Ondo State.

These petitions, originating from citizens, civil society organizations, and even international entities, raise concerns about past government activities.

“Some petitions specifically implicate former government officials and associates, alleging misappropriation and signature forgery during the tenure of the late Governor Rotimi Akeredolu,” Ajulo remarked.

He also stated that various issues have emerged regarding alleged fraud committed using the name, approvals, and signatures of the late Governor Akeredolu by past and some present government officials.

One particular focus of these petitions revolves around a youth empowerment program involving artisans and market women, as well as the use of unauthorized agreements to defraud the government of Ondo State.

Ajulo emphasized that the Ondo State Government operates based on laws and regulations, and entering into agreements with the government requires proper authorization and approval. When such authorization and approval are lacking, it raises serious concerns.

When pressed to disclose names, he said, “I discourage media trials. Naming names serves what purpose? The law applies to everyone, and at the appropriate time, if necessary, names will be revealed. The investigations must be thorough and unbiased. We are not concerned with names of who is being investigated but we are concern that the law must takes its course in whatever we’re doing.

Concluding his statement, Dr. Ajulo emphasized the government’s stance: “We cannot obstruct any law enforcement agencies from conducting inquiries, as the Ondo State government is committed to upholding transparency and accountability in governance.”

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