Development, Security, Better Quality Of Life Top agenda As Okpe Leaders Meet In Lagos

A conference of Okpe leaders in different parts of the world will take place in Lagos on Wednesday, May 15, 2024.

‘’About 300 delegates from Okpe Union branches in Asia, North and South America, Africa, Europe and Australia will attend the Okpe Union General Assembly at Okpe House, 65 Moshalashi Street, Obalende..

General Secretary of the Okpe Union, Barrister Kingsley Akpederin who announced this on Sunday in Lagos said: ‘’the Okpe Union Conference comes at a critical time for Okpe leaders throughout the world. We must rub minds and devise pro-active and creative ways to promote lasting development and ensure better quality of life for our people’’.

A statement from Okpe Union headquarters Sunday morning stated that the delegates would examine the condition of the Okpe Union, discuss political, social and cultural problems and recommend practical steps for implementing development strategies in Delta State.

The statement listed international standards of good governance, socio-economic development and means of advancing Okpe interests as important matters to be considered by delegates from all over the world.

‘’State of the Union address by the President General, reports from branches and regions of the Okpe Union and the State of the Nigerian Nation and Delta State are three points which will receive greatest attention of the delegates’’.

The statement said the men and women of action from Nigeria and abroad would think in larger terms, act on a wider plane of ideas and arrive at positive conclusions which will give a new impetus to Okpe Union and Delta State’.

The conference, planned for 10.00 am on the 15th of May, 2024, will take place in an atmosphere of complete frankness and cordiality.

‘’The Okpe Union, a socio-cultural group, is the mouthpiece of all the people of the Okpe nation and the oldest registered Ethnic Union in Nigeria” the statement added.

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