World Book, Copyright DAY: Advocacy Group Urges Policy For Enhanced Reading Culture Among Children

Governments at all levels have been enjoined to activate policies aimed at encouraging lifelong learning among children.

This is coming on the heels of activities marking the World Book and Copyright Day.

Programme Manager, The Young African Bookworms Initiative, Mr. Tola Oni, said access to books has become imperative for children and youths, as it fosters literacy, expands knowledge and unlocks opportunities for personal growth and development.

This year’s event is tagged “Celebrating World Book and Copyright Day: Promoting Literature and Intellectual Property Rights.”

The World Book and Copyright Day, observed annually on 23 April, is a global celebration dedicated to literature in all its form.

Oni averred that the occasion celebrates the richness of literature and its impact on societies worldwide.

He said one of the key objectives of the day was to raise awareness about the challenges faced by indigent children in accessing books.

He mentioned that through its Drop Everything and Read, DEAR, programs Young Bookworms create opportunities for indigent children to have access to books and build their reading skills.

The programme manager said issues such as access to literature, literacy rates, and the importance of supporting authors and publishers should attract the attention of government and the private sector as part of their social responsibility.

Oni noted that another crucial aspect of this day is to educate the public about copyright laws as its understanding ensures that authors and creators are recognized and their intellectual property is protected.

He also enjoined government to formulate policies that are aimed at supporting the publishing industry and respecting intellectual property rights.

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