2023: Popular Lagos Business Astute, Olatunbosun Declares To Run For Senate, Berates APC, PDP

A Lagos-based business astute, Comrade Oswald Olatunbosun, has declared his intention to contest for Lagos West senatorial district on the platform of the Labour Party (LP).
Legit.com reports that Olatunbosun, who made this known on Tuesday, April 6, in Lagos, said he has what it takes to salvage the people of the constituency from bad representation since 1999.
He lamented that despite the huge resources allocated to the constituency, the people still wallowing in abject poverty, the situation in the country calls for a sober reflection.
Olatunbosun said:
“The question that readily comes to mind is: Are we dead or alive? This is the situation in the country now. As a grown-up child, I enjoyed so many from the government and that was a sane society.
“But today things have changed completely. Are we still alive or dead? It is high time we came together in order to get solutions to our problems. They are afraid of our collective unity, that is why they want to divide us along religious and ethnic lines. We need to get more united this time to achieve our set goals.”
Why I want to represent Lagos West at the Senate
Speaking on why he wants to become a senator of the federal republic of Nigeria, Olatunbosun stated that things must change for the better, adding that he is an advocate of good governance.
He said Nigeria’s constitution is faulty and that it must be amended to cater to the reality on the ground, saying that the constitution does not guarantee anything for the common masses.
I will make difference at the National Assembly
Olatunbosun emphasised that despite the notion that many lawmakers reneged from their electioneering promises when they are elected, he would make a clear difference if he is given the opportunity to represent his constituents at the upper legislative chamber.
He said free education for school children must be a priority for every responsible government as he noted that the citizens must be developed.
The senatorial hopeful said:
“Our constitution is at the mercy of the executive arm of government. As a senator, I will work on the constitution because it is the key to moving up the country. We must make our constitution to be strong. There must be a law and a system to operate with.
“There are two things that determine the prosperity of a nation – prophecy and policy. If the prophecy is far from the policy, that nation would not prosper whether its people believe in God or not. Labour Party (LP) stands for making lives better for the masses.”
I am fully prepared for the job
Olatunbosun said he had studied Lagos West senatorial district and reached the conclusion that any good policy for the constituency would resonate in the entire country because of its largeness and population of voters.
He added that people are more aware now and want a real change where their needs and aspirations would be met, stating that they are ready to take their future into their hands.
He noted:
“In the last election, the current senator representing Lagos West won with over 300,000 votes where there are over 3million voters. This shows that there was political apathy among the people.
“I can tell you now that people have woken up and they are ready to effect a real change in the next election. APC and PDP cannot change anything. This is the time to allow another set of people to take the lead.”
Earlier in his address, the chairman of the party in Lagos, Prof. Ifayemi Awamaridi said the LP is taking back the state in the next election.
He said that many Lagosians complain about bad governance but when the election time comes they would still follow their oppressors.
Awamaridi noted:
“We want to reset the mind of Lagosians, that is why we need ‘Irapada’ (buying back people’s souls). They have already killed the souls of many Lagosians. We are going to break the jinx. Many leaders in Lagos know that we are a force to be reckoned with in any election.”
Also speaking, the national legal adviser of the Fresh Democratic Party (FDP), Kola Dopamu, described Olatunbosun as a worthy ambassador and credible human being.
He said that Olatunbosun is a God-fearing person who has the key to unlock the goodies that have been locked by some selfish politicians in the Lagos West senatorial district.

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