ADCNEWTRYBE Set To Sponsor  300 Nigerian Youths For House Of Reps In 2023

The African Democratic Congress, ADC, on Wednesday, said it has given 35% allocation to youths, women and persons with disabilities for party, elective and appointive positions in the 2023 general elections.

ADCNEWTRYBE, one of the learning platforms of the party will launch the #300Spartans on Wednesday, 6th April, 2022. 

The #300Spartans is aimed at Shortlisting, Screening, Selecting and Sponsoring 300 Nigerian Youths who have capacity, credibility and character to be responsible leaders.

In a statement by the party’s National Director of Communications and Programmes, Barrister Ifenla Oligbinde said: “Nigerian Youths can now enjoy double benefit through the African Democratic Congress. Not only do Youths, Women and Persons with Disabilities have free forms in line with the party’s mainstreaming policies, the #300Spartans Project will also create an avenue where a uniformed number of credible and capable Youths with enough grassroots experience can win seats at the House of Representatives.

“We already have NGOs, CSOs, Companies and Individuals who are willing to partner with us for this Project. We will raise over 10 Billion Naira to fund these #300Spartans for their campaign and electioneering activities. Nigerians have been waiting for such an opportunity like this to invest in a credible alternative, and we have created such platform through the ADCNEWTRYBE.

“This opportunity is open to youths, women, persons with disabilities and Nigerians in diaspora. We would also conduct screening at regional level. We are already speaking to people of moral and social standing in the country to serve as our screening panelists. It would be an open and transparent process and no one would be left behind.”

The party is expecting over 500,000 application from interested aspirants, as well as volunteers who want to work in different departments of the project.

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