Easter:TUC Urges Nigerians To Imbibe The Lessons Of Sacrifice

The Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) urges Nigerians to imbibe the lessons of sacrifice, love and peace that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ represent.
The Labour Center added that it is only when Nigerians embrace these virtues and pursue them at all times that we can surmount our numerous challenges.
In a statement, President of Congress,  Comrade Quadri Olaleye FCIA,  MNIM, said the reason the country is in a mess today is because we have allowed trivial issues like ethnicity and religion to take control and disrupt critical developmental goals. He lamented that China and India with over a billion  population are making progress and are among the leading countries in the world today; meanwhile Nigeria  cannot manage a mere 200 million of her citizens.
According to him, ” this is a  moment of sober reflection, and it is not a mere coincidence that the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ is happening at a time our Muslim brethren are also observing their fast. It suggests that God is interested in healing our country.”
Comrade Olaleye reiterated that this is not the country of our dream, noting that impunity, selfishness, cronyism, religious intolerance and nepotism have created serious division in the whole country. “It has never been this bad, but we all have a role to play if we must overcome these challenges at hand”, he added. 
The Labour Chief counselled that “When we reflect on Easter it should remind us that as a country that we need to be truthful, upright, honest and fear God. We must understand that our purpose in life here is to live in obedience to our Creator’s will and love one another.” 
Easter offers us the opportunity to rethink the very essence of our humanity. We call on government to address the worsening state of insecurity, poverty, unemployment, senseless waste of human lives currently going on to allow the needed transformation in the country.
Happy Easter celebrations.

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