2023: PDP Chieftain, Adetokunbo Pearse Endorses JANDOR 

Says, He Is The Only Candidate That Can Win Lagos Governorship For PDP 

….We’ll Bring More Members Of The APC In Lagos Assemby To PDP—Jandor

Leader of the

The banner of the official endorsement

RESET, a political pressure group within the Lagos People’s Democratic Party, Dr Adetokunbo Pearse, has endorsed the Lead Visioner of the Lagos4Lagos Movement, Dr. Abdul-Azeez Olajide Adediran, popularly known as JANDOR as his preferred governorship candidate that will beat the ruling party in 2023.

Speaking at a press conference in Liberty Place on Thursday when he visited Jandor to endorse him, Dr. Pearse said the involvement of Lagos4Lagos in Lagos PDP is a blessing and has given the party more strength more than ever to win the governorship next year.

According to him, his endorsement of Jandor as the preferred candidate is based on political sagacity and financial capacity to finance his election. 

Dr. Pearse said having toiled for over 20 years in the political wilderness created for the PDP by the national leader of the APC and former governor of the state, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, it’s only reasonable and for posterity to rescue Lagos from

APC’s stranglehold and misrule.

He said, “ please allow me to state the reasons why I believe Jandor stands the best chance of winning in the General Election, and why he should be elected as the governorship candidate to represent PDP in that exercise.

“Jandor candidature as PDP flag bearer, is able to attract multiple sources of funding due to my personal findings, I can unequivocally attest to his capacity to raise funds within and outside the party.

“The defection of Jandor and his Lagos4Lagos Group to the PDP has brought many new members to the PDP fold. The movement has also encouraged others now in the ruling party in Lagos to consider defecting from the troubled party to our great Party.”

Reacting to Dr. Pearse endorsement, one of the apex leaders of the Lagos4Lagos, Alhaja Tanwa Olusi commended him  for endorsing Jandor and assured him that it’s a good decision. 

On his part, Jandor said, “I  want to particularly welcome Dr Pearse to Liberty Place.”

He also appreciates all the leaders of the Lagos4Lagos present for a job well done, adding that the only reward for hard work is more work.

He, however, expressed confidence that Dr. Pearse joining the team will add more strength to the party. 

Speaking on a lighter note, he says, “I didn’t edit your speech sir. How can a mere journalist like me edit  your speech?” He said while reacting to the initial statement of Dr. Pearse who jocularly stated that Jandor has edited his long statement.

He saluted the leadership prowess of Dr Pearse who’s ready to submit himself for a review inspite of his academic laurels. 

Jandor however reiterated that he’s in PDP to win and win for the party.

He also used the opportunity to brief the media about the exit of the chairman of his group, Prince Sunday Ajayi who has returned to the APC.

“We’ll retaliate, We are going to bring more members of the APC in the house of Assemby to the PDP.” Jandor said.

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