Ajipe Set To Make History As The Youngest Senator In Ondo North

By Akeredolu Bayo

History is written by the victors, it is crafted on the sweat of men who with their sweat lived for cause much greater than them.

Chief Alex Ajipe, MD/CEO of Klick Konnect Networks in the cause of his existence on earth has cemented himself as a born serial winner. His life and trajectories profiles him as a man who has mastered the art of creating beauties from the rubbles.

A man with an Ingenious mind which separates him for excellence and uniqueness amongst his peers, while others sees impossibility, he sees possiblity. A highly optimistic mentality which has shaped his worldview to birthing even in the midst of no or little resources to create business empires that is competing on the global stage.

The foray of the business icon and philanthropist into politics not only show his ambition as a man committed to public and communal growth, it also shows his readiness to commit himself to a movement which will see him create a lasting legacy for himself and all that he stands for.

The 44 years old Senatorial Aspirant of the All Progressive Congress (APC) who is seeking to represent the good people of Ondo North Senatorial district is set to become the youngest senator in the history of the Senatorial district.

Having come with a name which is well loved and a personality which is well respected and admired, he has gathered for himself a sea of people who are loyal to his cause.

His political strength came to the forefront last year as he leads the biggest and the most powerful socio-political group, the Ibi-Giga Ambassadors, a group that was highly instrumental to the victory of Arakunrin Akeredolu in the last election, the group boast of a strong membership base across the 18 local government area of the state.

While the sheer reality that a true progressive, young and energetic man who is exceptionally brilliant and willing to is ready to give it his all in the next senatorial election come 2023, it is rather surprising to see certain elements and figures starting to brew up un-necessary and illogical arguments to mar the democratic process involved within our democratic system.

With the current political atmosphere in the Senatorial district, it’s quite and undeniably evident that the people of this region highly anticipate a new and different representation as many sons and daughters of this region believes that they could have gotten better from in terms of progress and development.

With the current achievements and unending list of achievements of Chief Alex Ajipe, it’s much evident that he is the man to lead the region to a new height of growth and development . He has successfully etched his way into the state socio-political discourse by making himself a man of value and substance, his contributions in recent years to the economic growth and development of the Sunshine State is unrivaled.

Ajipe as an economist in partnership with the Ondo State Government facilitated the rise of the economic fortune of the state, the Ondo Industrial Hub is among one of the numerous projects which he has helped the state to actualize as thousands of youths in the states has benefited directly and indirectly from the project, his brilliant ability to help the state attract both local and foreign investors has helped push the drive of the Akeredolu led administration to changing the identity of the state from a civil servant dominated state to an emerging industrial giant.

While he continues to win the support of the majority in the Senatorial district and the State at large, it is important for the people to bring to power a candidate who can rise against all the odds to make things happen.

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