Boko Haram Leader, Al-Barnawi Who Bombed The UN Building Abuja, Kidnap Kingpin, Wadume Among The Escapes At Kuje Prison Jail Break

Al-Barnawi, Boko Haram Leader who bombed the United Nations building in Abuja In 2012 and kidnap kingpin, Mohammed Wadume were among the dreaded terrorists who escaped from the Kuje Custodian Centre on Tuesday night.

Newsnowonline gathered that these terrorists were released into the society by their accomplice who came on motorcycles to Kuje on Tuesday night.

The terrorists who operated freely for hours unchallenged also used the opportunity to ‘preach’ to some of the inmates.

Insiders source revealed that the CCTV at the Kuje Custodian Centre was not functioning as at the time of the attack, fueling speculation that it might be insider’s job or compromised from the top officials at the centre.

Ahmed Lawan, President of the Senate lamented yesterday when he visited the scene.

Lawan said it’s unthinkable that a security place like Correctional centre will not have CCTV.

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