#OsunDecides:PDP’s Candidate, Adeleke Wins 17 LGAs Oyetola 13 + Full Results

The governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Senator Ademola Adeleke, appears to be coasting home to victory in Saturday’s Osun State governorship election.

As at press time, the results announced officially by the Independent National Electoral Commission showed that Adeleke had won in 17 local government areas out of the 30 LGAs in the state.

His major opponent and candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Governor Gboyega Oyetola, won in 13 LGAs.The results of the election, being declared by the Returning Officer and Vice Chancellor, University of Lagos, Prof. Oluwatoyin Ogundipe, showed that Adeleke made inroads into the strongholds of the APC.

These included areas such as Ila Orangun LGA, where a former Governor of the State and the first National Chairman of the APC, Chief Bisi Akande, hails from; Ilesa West; Obokun; and Atakunmosa LGAs, natural strongholds of the APC.The announcement of the result by the INEC was preceded by the introduction of Prof. Ogundipe by the Osun State Resident Electoral Commissioner, Prof. Abdulganiy Raji, at about midnight.From the results announced as at press time, Adeleke had won in Boluwaduro, Ife North, Olorunda, Orolu, Obokun, Odo Otin, Ilesa West, Ifelodun and Atakunmosa West LGAs.Other LGAs won by the PDP candidate were Ila, Osogbo, Irepodun, Oriade, Ejigbo, Ede South, Ede North and Egbedore.For Oyetola, he won in Ilesa East, Ife Central, Ifedayo, Boripe, Ayedire, Ayedaade, Ola-Oluwa, Irewole, Isokan, Iwo, Atakunmosa East, Ife South and Ife East LGAs.

The outcome of the election is expected to be pronounced by Ogundipe after the computation of the entire results.The results as announced by the INEC:

Boluwaduro LGA APC: 5,649PDP: 5,860

Total Registered voters: 24,329Accredited voters: 12,007Total Valid vote: 11,795.

Ilesa East LGA APC: 13,452PDP: 10,969Total Registered voters: 73,440Accredited voters: 26,179Total Valid votes: 25,352.

Ife Central LGA APC: 17,880 PDP: 13,532Total Registered voters: 113,232Accredited voters: 33,413Total Valid votes: 32,544.

Ifedayo LGA APC: 5,016 PDP: 4,730Total Registered voters: 19,598Accredited voters: 10,300Total Valid votes: 9,912.

Ife North LGA APC: 9,964 PDP: 10,359Total Registered voters: 58,672Accredited voters: 21,774Total Valid votes: 21,050.

Olorunda LGA APC: 18,709 PDP: 21,350Total Registered voters: 104,700Accredited voters: 42,009Total Valid votes: 41,187.

Orolu LGA APC: 9,928PDP: 10,282 Total Registered voters: 39,653Accredited voters: 21,182Total Valid votes: 20,765.

Obokun LGA APC: 9,727PDP: 14,575 Total Registered voters: 53,267Accredited voters: 24,447Total Valid votes: 23,813.

Boripe LGA APC: 21,205PDP: 7,595Total Valid votes: 29,510.

Odo Otin LGA APC: 13,482 PDP: 14,003 Total Registered voters: 66,866Accredited voters: 28,864Total Valid votes: 28,185.

Ayedire LGA APC: 7,868 PDP: 7,402 Total Registered voters: 37,092Accredited voters: 17,284Total Valid votes: 17,014.

Ilesa West LGA APC: 10,777 PDP: 13,769 Total Registered voters: 71,001Accredited voters: 26,364Total Valid votes: 25,403.

Ifelodun LGA APC: 16,068 PDP: 17,107 Total Registered voters: 80,021Accredited voters: 34,860.

Atakunmosa West LGA APC: 6,601PDP: 7,750Total Registered voters: 36,470Accredited voters: 15,171Total Valid votes: 14,794.

Ila LGA APC: 11,163 PDP: 13,036 Total Registered voters: 46,623Accredited voters: 24,947Total Valid votes: 24,572.

Osogbo LGA APC: 22,952PDP: 30,401 Total Registered voters: 142,459Accredited voters: 56,020Total Valid votes: 55,942.

Irepodun LGA APC: 12,122PDP: 14,389Total Registered voters: 57,712Accredited voters: 29,913Total Valid votes: 29,032.

Oriade LGA APC: 14,189PDP: 15,940Total Registered voters: 69,651Accredited voters: 31,798Total Valid votes: 30,941

Ayedade LGA APC: 14,527PDP: 13,380Total Registered voters: 67,651Accredited voters: 29,696.

Ola-Oluwa LGA APC: 9,123PDP: 7,205Total Registered voters: 37,149Accredited voters: 17,214Total Valid votes: 16,737.

Ejigbo LGA APC: 14,355PDP: 18,065Total Registered voters: 73,750Accredited voters: 34,387Total Valid votes: 33,329.

Irewole LGA APC: 18,189PDP: 14,216 Total Registered voters: 74,268Accredited voters: 34,480Total Valid votes: 33,315.

Isokan LGA APC: 10,833 PDP: 10,777 Total Registered voters: 53,288Accredited voters: 23,051Total Valid votes: 22,987.

Ede South LGA APC: 5,704PDP: 19,438Total Registered voters: 54,872Accredited voters: 26,306Total Valid votes: 25,691.

Iwo LGA APC: 17,421PDP: 16,914Total Registered voters: 90,051Accredited voters: 36,591Total Valid votes: 35,634.

Atakunmosa East LGA APC: 7,449PDP: 6,992 Total Registered voters: 41,027Accredited voters: 15,497Total Valid votes: 14,875.

Egbedore LGA APC: 9,228PDP: 13,230Total Registered voters: 53,150Accredited voters: 24,283Total Valid votes: 23,072.

Ife South LGA APC: 12,481PDP: 9,116Total Registered voters: 56,706Accredited voters: 22,927Total Valid votes: 22,326.

Ife East LGA APC: 19,353PDP: 18,071Total Registered voters: 114,403Accredited voters: 41,006Total Valid votes: 39,

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