International Youth Day: JANDOR Urges Young Lagosians To Stand Up For Their Rights

There is much to celebrate this International Youth Day. Young Lagosians are excelling in sports, entertainment, academia, technology and politics, bringing much needed prestige and hope to a state in dire need of hope.

But for every young Lagosian whose name making headlines, there are hundreds more who have their dreams and aspirations throttled by a government that is indifferent to their plight.But no more. This state is ours to inherit, we must begin to wrest control of our destinies by taking an active interest in governance and demanding accountability from our leaders. They serve us, not the other way around.

An unprecedented 64% of the candidates the Lagos PDP is fielding in next year’s elections are under 46, This is how we lead by example. 23% of this numbers are under the age of 40, while 41% are under 48.

I urge all Lagos youth on this auspicious day to step up and ask more of our leaders and ourselves. Lagos is our home and we will have a state we can be proud.

Let’s fight for the soul of LagosJafun-Eko…Jafun eto eee

Happy international Youth day PDP…Power!!!

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