China Calls On Developing Countries To Stand Up Against Bullies

China has called on developing countries all over the world to stand up against bullies.

Speaking at the weekend at the reception and opening ceremony of China International Press Communication Center (CIPCC) 2022 for over 70 journalists in Beijing invited by the China Public Diplomacy Association (CPDA) to familiarize with China, the Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Hua Chunying, lamented that recent visit of United States Speaker, Nancy Pelosi is an act of bully from America.

She noted that: “China’s development achievements over the past decades have been most impressive. To quote a poem, we have “been to the heavens for the moon and to the deep sea for the turtles”. Two female astronauts have traveled to space, a real-life version of Chang’e, a fabled Chinese goddess, flying to the moon. The high-speed rail network has shortened many long-distance travels across the nation into one-day trips. I doubt if the finest novelist could imagine ten or even five years ago the transformation taking place in China today.”

Chunying said. “Behind all these incredible achievements is an incredible political party — the Chinese Communist Party (CPC). Last year, we celebrated the centenary of the CPC. The CPC has grown from a small party with just over 50 members, to the world’s largest governing party with a 96-million-strong membership. Over the past century, the CPC has led the Chinese people to drive out the foreign invaders, end the fighting among warlords and the civil war, gain national independence, found a sovereign country, make foreign subjugation and hunger history, and build a moderately prosperous society in all respects.

The Party is now leading the country on a new journey toward a modern socialist country. Every Chinese is filled with pride about what the country has achieved, and fully supports the CPC. In fact, the CPC, for years, has an approval rating of over 90 percent.”

She added that: “The CPC is a people’s party. It represents the fundamental interests of the greatest possible Chinese people, and has never represented the interests of a particular interest group, power bloc or privileged class. From day one, the CPC has made pursuing a happy life for the people its founding mission. It follows a people-centered philosophy, and puts the people’s interests, needs and satisfaction above everything else.

“The CPC is a vanguard party. It is keen to learn from past practices. It keeps abreast of the times by developing new theories and strategies based on new situations. It pursues self-reform to seek continuous self-improvement. And it sticks to principles and has flexibility under different circumstances, confronting problems head-on and finding solutions to make things work.

“The CPC is an open and inclusive party. It is ready to share, to learn from all advanced things and engage with all for mutual success and shared progress.

“In the online comment from a young Egyptian (by the name of Ismail Bashmori), he likened China to the first member of the impoverished family of developing nations to go to university. He called on developing countries to help and support China to keep climbing to the top, as China is the first non-Western country to even come close to reaching a status of `ultimate global importance.

“His comment touched many Chinese, me included. China has all along been a member of the big developing country family, standing with each other through thick and thin. We shall never forget that it is our brothers and sisters in Asia, Africa, and Latin America who helped restore the lawful seat of the People’s Republic of China at the United Nations. Today, China is on a better footing. It will do its best to help, so that we all can have a better life.”

She recalled that: “As President Xi Jinping noted, in the world today, some are faring very well whereas some others are still struggling; this is not a good thing. Only when people all over the world enjoy better lives can prosperity be sustained, security safeguarded and human rights assured. Based on this belief, China has proposed the Belt and Road Initiative, the Global Development Initiative and the Global Security Initiative, to promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind. We hope to achieve common development through hard work. People in all countries are entitled to choose their own development paths, and deserve a better and happier life. Just as China believes that not a single Chinese should be left behind on the journey toward common prosperity, no country should be left behind in our common pursuit of greater development.

“Regrettably, some do not want to see this happen for people in other countries, especially the Chinese people. In recent years, the US and a few of its allies have gone out of their way to smear and bash China, using all means to suppress and contain China.

“But people of the world are clear-eyed. A recent `survey shows that 76 percent of young Africans see China as a positive influence on their life; the Arabic populations prefer China and China’s foreign policy is better received in the Middle East; countries in Asia also believe that China’s right to legitimately emerge as a major country should be respected.”

She said it was recently realized that all believed that developing countries are a key force in building a fairer and more balanced global order, and in promoting peace, security, equality and development, noting that they agreed that “unity and cooperation should be enhanced to build a better world that meets the needs and aspirations of the developing world. This shows that we developing countries have a common purpose, and our hearts are closely linked.”

She admitted that: “The world today still faces many risks and challenges, and we need to jointly respond with unity and cooperation. There is much unfairness and injustice, and we need to support each other in defending our interests. There is much bullying and hegemony in the media and propaganda, and we need to speak with one voice, louder and clearer.

She stressed that: “After decades of hard work, China has accomplished a lot in its development. But China remains the only major country yet to achieve complete reunification. And China still faces real threats to its sovereignty and territorial integrity, as seen from the recent visit of US House Speaker Pelosi to China’s Taiwan region.

The Chinese government and people have every determination and capability to uphold sovereignty and territorial integrity. If even China cannot do this, what about other developing countries? If we do not hold the line now, who will be the next Iraq or Syria? As developing countries, we’ve all had the experience of being colonized and bullied. Therefore, we must stand together and support each other when those things we hold dear are under threat.”

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