Renewed Hope 2023: Shettima Joins APC Professional Forum To X-ray Action Plan For Better Nigeria

By Bukar Bolori
The Vice Presidential Candidate of the All Progressive Congress, APC, Senator Kashim Shettima has promised the forum of APC Professional that the 2023 general election that, will bring Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to power will also open doors of opportunity to Nigerian Professional to key into the infrastructure plan that the renewed Hope initiative of the government will bring about. Shettima, who addresses the body of professionals at a one day workshop organised to X-ray the action plan for a better Nigeria pick his massage from a world view of changes and the stand for Nigeria to shift into the historic making that will trigger revival from backwardness.

The APC Vice Presidential Candidate said, if Nigeria fails, the entire black race have failed as such looking at the turn around of things in the economy of UK and the challenges of conflict in the Ukraine, he said there are s need for the country to begin to think outside the box to salvage Nigeria.

“As Professional, we have to take position to bring the desired change. I am proud of the APC Professional. We are going to honour our word, we are going to honour our pack with the Nigerian people and we are going to be gender friendly and professional in our selection so as to give voice to all. We shall build on track records and ideas that are positive to ensure we achieved the goal of rejuvenating the work spirit in our people to meet the vision we are running with.” Kashim Shettima said.

Speaking on agriculture, he said Lagos State which has over 3000 sq km is much smaller compare to other state in term of land mass but today Lagos is a hub for economic growth in Africa. “We just spoke about the Lagos deep sea port, the Imota rice Mill, which is the largest in the country and we compare Lagos State of the last 30 year and what it is today. This is why leadership is key for the sake of growth. We would not be like others who has nothing to offer but dubious statistics. Indeed, with us there will be a clear difference between night and darkness.”

He said Aliko Dangote refinery, a 25 Billion dollars worth of investment was sited in Lagos because the Tinubu government 30 years ago has laid a foundation for business growth.” Dangote should have opted for other state but he chooses Lagos for his business. If the atmosphere in Lagos is not conducive, he would have look elsewhere to build his company.”

While speaking on Nigerians that makes difference in their endeavors, Shettima recalled his meeting with Allen Ikechukwu, the Chairman of the Airliner – Peace Air and how he has open doors to all Nigerians into his business. “Such is the Nigeria we want and we shall work towards making Nigeria a home to all. I therefore call on the Nigerian Professional to show the way on what to do to achieve greatness and improve the infrastructure in Nigeria.”

During a panel of discussion, the panelists driven from various Professional background spoke on the achievements of the APC administration, the manifesto of the Tinubu,Shettima and the action plan for better Nigeria.

Also speaking, former governor of Ogun state and Chairman Tinubu, Shettima’ Elders Forum said, part of why he was thrilled about the Tinubu, Shettima ticket was that the incoming Vice President has done well in terms of infrastructure that he put in place during his administration that continue to speak about his achievements. According to him, the pair (Tinubu and Shettima) are asset for a better Nigeria. He recalled that, in 1999, when Tinubu set up transition committee after his election as governor of Lagos State, he was part of that committee and what was achieved through the Committe was what helped him as governor of Ogun state to make the difference.

“If you compare how Lagos was in 1999 and after he left; In terms of transformation given example with roads in Victoria Island, the federal government houses which was inhabitable due to the ocean. We went to Cape town to study issues and challenges in other to bring home solution from positive thinking and imagination work. What worked for us in Lagos at that time is that we have somebody who knows what to do.The first thing he did was to bring private sector to deal with the issue of power and other things followed. So, when I became the governor of Ogun state is to look at the books of what happened in Lagos to replicate and in that give the needed achievements under my leadership. Nigeria is a country with 9 lives, we cannot go down easily contrary to trendings, there are alot of states with solid minerals waiting to tap, if we harness our potential and manufacture what we eat, we shall all be happy as a nation. Tinubu and Shettima has the power of visioning and with them leading the way we shall make Nigerians proud. The incoming government by their experiences knows what needs to be done in the area of infrastructure.” He said.

While addressing the forum, wife of Nigeria’s President, Dr. Aisha Buhari, represented by the Coordinator, APC Vice Presidential Women Campaign Team, Dr. Asabe Vilata Bashir said the challenges of insecurity in the nation’s has affected the way we do things. These coupled with the issues of oil thief, climate change and porous borders. She therefore, calls for action by the incoming government to address the various issues bedeviling the nation.

“The insecurity issues in Nigeria is as a result of general failure of security situations on the international fronts. This has also affect the moral of our security Operatives as such the need for the incoming government to take the issue seriously to continue to train and retrain our security Operatives. As women in the forefront of the campaign we will continue to give our support. We are agents of peace and we shall strife to ensure we give harmonious support towards achieving the goal we set before us.” Dr. Bashir said.

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