First Ladies As Expensive Power Drunk National Pests

By Adeola Soetan 

Imelda Marcos (aka Queen of Blood), the $6bn worth “First Lady” with 3000 Pairs of Shoe. 

(As it was, so it is) 

Imelda Marcos. Wife (or was she husband?) of the Philippines’ fantastically corrupt  maximum ruler, Ferdinand Marcos.

Imelda Romualdez Marcos is a Filipino politician who served as the First Lady of the Philippines from 1965 to 1986, wielding significant political power. She literally ruled while her husband reigned.

Imelda Marcos was hand and glove with her husband, in brutalizing, the common people of the Philippines until the death of the Marcos regime. The day after the Marcos regime fell they were asked to leave the country. Marco’s family left the country for Singapore. After the death of Mr. Marcos came back 

Ferdinand Marcos

His wife, Imelda Marcos, made infamous in her own right by the excesses that characterized her and her husband’s conjugal dictatorship..

Date of Birth: July 2, 1929

There was also a time when they were banished from their own country Philippines their countrymen considered her queen of blood because of their past, where they tortured revolutionary leaders in the Philippines.

 In denying her ownership of 3000 pairs of very expensive shoe, Imelda: “I did not have 3,000 pairs of shoes. I had 1,060,” she said in 1987.

*How many pairs of expensive shoe, bags, wristwatches, bras, pants, clothes do our “Soyoyo fashionista First Lady Pests have today in Nigeria? It’s possible for many of them to have surpassed Imelda Marcos’ Shoe Musuem. Yet the pest title is not known to any law despite the impersonators wielding so much power of life, death, extra-judicial detention and beating of any citizen that crossed their way,, to massage their ego. 

*Well, very very few of these “First Ladies” might have contributed to humanity honourably  nationally and globally, especially where there’s rule of law and decency in social relationships, but most of them are dangerous and unwanted pests living large on their countries just because of accident of penile connections with the men in power.

Adeola Soetan


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