2023: TUC Urges Workers To Be Vigilant And Vote Labour Party Candidates 

The Trade Union Congress of Nigeria, TUC  is calling on workers in the country and their allies to be vigilant in the 2023 General Elections kicking off this Saturday, February 25, 2023 with the Presidential and National Assembly elections.

These elections are so crucial that they may determine the immediate future of the country especially in socio-economic terms, and, the general wellbeing of the country.

Workers have the duty not only to cast their votes for candidates of their choice who are pro-labour and they can trust, but also to defend the sanctity of the electoral process.

Congress hereby directs all our members in all the thirty-six states and the seven hundred and seventy-four local government to be reminded that Labour party belongs to us , hence our appeal to all our members  to vote for the labour party and all their candidates.

Workers must keep in mind that where the political elites, some of who hold multiple nationalities, are rich enough to relocate abroad, the working people and the mass of the citizenry have no alternative but to stay in the country. Hence the working class has a greater stake in ensuring not just the peaceful conduct of the elections, but also to safeguard general peace in the country including in the post-election period.

We also urge all Nigerians to ensure that special protection is given to electoral officials especially the over 200,000 National Youth Service Corps, NYSC members engaged as ad-hoc staff to ensure smooth elections.  These   youth corpers are not only crucial for successful elections, but also are part of the bulwark of our youths that can guarantee a future Nigeria. 

Congress also urges the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC to ensure smooth elections in which the votes count, the entire process must be free, fair, transparent and credible. Since it has publicly confirmed that its needs and demands including the availability of funds have been met, INEC has no excuse whatsoever for failure. Besides, this is one failure the country cannot afford as its wellbeing may rely on these polls.

The TUC advices all politicians to keep to the tenets of democratic practices and play by the rules.

We call on the police and other security agencies to maintain neutrality in the elections, not to engage in illegal escort duties, be civil to the citizenry and be professional in their general conduct throughout the elections.

Governments at all levels have a primary duty to secure lives and property, so, they must protect all citizens before, during and after the elections.

The TUC also welcomes the 33 international organisations and the 2,113 observers they have deployed for these elections and request them to stick to their role of observing the elections without any form of interference. Equally, we urge them to refrain from making statements that can inflame passions or lead to any form of disruption in the country.

The TUC wishes us all, peaceful elections and a smooth transition to a new administration.

In conclusion, the congress regrettably remains highly concerned about the inability of the Federal and State Governments and their political allies to find a solution to the currency crises they have hoisted on the populace. The suffering is not only much but seems not to be abating. Again, we warn that they do not have any right to take the Nigerian people through this unnecessary suffering and that by their actions and inaction, they endanger the entire democratic system and by extension, the entire country.

Comrade (Engr) Festus Osifo,   


 Comrade Nuhu Toro,

 Secretary General.

23rd February, 2023

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