VIDEO: Nigerian Female Student Weeps Uncontrollably As Sudan War Escalates … NEMA Commences Evacuation

A Nigerian female student in Sudan has called on the Nigerian government to quickly come to their rescue as ‘bloody fighting’ between feuding military groups in the war-torn African country escalates.

In a 56-second video obtained by PRNigeria, the student, whose name could not be identified, could be seen weeping uncontrollably. Video link: violent clash between the Sudanese Army led by Abdel Fattah al-Burhan fights the powerful paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF), led by Mohamed “Hemdti” Hamdan Dagalo in a violent power struggle forcing many countries struggling to repatriate their citizens.

In the video obtained by PRNigeria, the female student, while sobbing profusely and speaking in Hausa, said: “What kind of trouble is this? We are plenty more than others, and also lucky. But only Nigerian students are left.

“Everyone knows Nigeria has money, and everybody respects us. But we are the last people remaining here. Everyone else has gone. Because we are the ones that don’t have people that care for us.

“Allah, please bring us succour. What type of problem is this. Even if they don’t like us, let them assist us because of humanity. Our parents are there, and their minds are already agitated. Please, let them assist us. There is no more time left.”

Meanwhile, the National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, is making adequate preparation to commence evacuation of trapped Nigeria in Sudan by road.

With Sudan’s main international airport closed, foreign countries have ordered their citizens to simply shelter in place until they can figure out evacuation plans.

The Director Special Duty in NEMA, Dr Onimole Bandele, told PRNigeria that necessary arrangements have been made for the safety of Nigerians during the evacuation.

“The Federal Government has made adequate plans for safety, security of our people.

“The process involved diplomatic efforts with the countries to ensure smooth evacuations of Nigerians from Sudan to Egypt by road before they would be airlifted to the Nigeria.”

PRNigeria gathered that over 5,000 Stranded Nigerians would be evacuated from Sudan to Luxor, an Egyptian town.

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