Why Governor Adeleke Is Popular

By James Bamgbose

Governance and politicking have become pivotal components in the administration of governmental affairs. Governance, crucial for the advancement of a country or state, and politicking, important for winning elections, constitute integral aspects of governmental processes. The latter is anticipated both before and during elections, while the former comes into play post-election victory. Unfortunately, in Nigeria’s political sphere, many politicians persist in politicking even after securing electoral victory, thereby impeding the growth and development of their governed territories.

Remarkably, the incumbent leader of Osun State, Governor Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke (Imole), has diverged from the typical norms of Nigerian politics, focusing instead on the progress of Osun State. His transformative approach to governance sets him apart from his predecessors and contemporaries. This distinctive approach has become synonymous with the Osun People’s Democratic Party (PDP). This article aims not to dwell on the state’s past challenges but to highlight the significant strides achieved under Governor Adeleke’s administration, attributing his popularity to his unwavering commitment to fulfilling his campaign promises and the reason for his popularity.

Foremost among his campaign pledges is the prioritization of workers’ welfare. Governor Adeleke has excelled in fulfilling this promise, demonstrating resolute commitment to enhancing the welfare of workers and establishing a new governance standard in the state. His worker-centric initiatives, including prompt payment of salaries, gratuities, and pensions, as well as addressing salary arrears and facilitating immediate cash backings for worker promotions, have markedly boosted civil servants’ performance and allayed retirees’ concerns in Osun State.

Under his stewardship, Osun State workers have regained financial stability, with salary arrears consistently settled on time without impeding regular salary disbursements. Governor Adeleke’s dedication extends beyond salary payments to implementing policies that prioritize workers’ promotion, accompanied by immediate financial support. This approach not only recognizes civil servants’ diligence but also serves as a catalyst for enhanced performance within the workforce. Additionally, his proactive measures to address pension payments have instilled confidence among retirees, ensuring timely and uninterrupted pension disbursements. Furthermore, the governor’s focus on senior citizens’ healthcare, including their enrollment in the Osun Health Insurance Scheme (OHIS), underscores his commitment to holistic welfare enhancement.

Another hallmark achievement of his administration lies in infrastructural development. Within his inaugural year, over 75 kilometres of roads were completed—an evidence of the Adeleke-led government’s commitment to enhancing the state’s infrastructure. The administration has launched an ambitious infrastructural development plan, allocating over #100 billion to vital sectors such as health, education, and infrastructure. This comprehensive plan encompasses the construction of bridges, dualization of major roads, and establishment of new roads across all 30 local government areas (LGAs) in the state. Additionally, it prioritizes school rehabilitation and upgrades to 332 Primary Health Care (PHC) centres, addressing critical needs in education and healthcare infrastructure. These investments have significantly contributed to the state’s development, fostering improved connectivity, reduced travel times and costs, and boosted economic activities.

Governor Adeleke’s amiable personality, coupled with his proactive governance style, has elevated Osun State as a paragon of good governance in Nigeria. As he continues to prioritize workers’ welfare, infrastructural development, and swift response to the populace’s needs, the future appears promising for Osun State and its residents. His remarkable performance has garnered nationwide attention, aided by strategic projection by the Governor’s media team, under the leadership of Mallam Olawale Rasheed.

This article won’t be complete without mentioning the contributions of the jumbled opposition in the state to the projection and amplification of Governor Adeleke’s outstanding performances. The opposition party who lost their voice in the contribution to the development and advancement of the state reduced their contributions to the state to a propagandist group which one the long run created awareness about the activities of the government. While the opposition’s criticisms have most time bordered on propaganda, their contrasting inaction has inadvertently highlighted the governor’s outstanding performance, further solidifying his national prominence.

James Bamgbose writes from Igbajo, Boluwaduro East LCDA and can be reached via bamgbosejames9@gmail.com.

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