Akinsemoyin, Towry-Coker Host Vietnamese Investors

In a proactive and ingenious step towards large-scale economic growth, Prince Oye Akinsemoyin, President of the Nigeria-Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NVCCI), and internationally renowned Nigerian architect and former Lagos State Honorable Commissioner of Housing, Dr. Lanre Towry-Coker, are preparing to host a cocktail featuring prominent Vietnamese investors.

Slated for Thursday, 15th of June, at the Lagos Motor Boat Club, this networking extraordinaire will be attended by a delegation representing Richy Group Joint Stock Company, a global confectionery manufacturer that exports to over 30 countries—including the USA, Canada, Australia, West Europe, South Korea, and Japan.

The delegates include:

1. PHAN, Van Minh

2. VU, Dinh Duc

3. NGUYEN, Thi Thanh Nhan, and

4. DO, Thi Thuy.

This meeting of entrepreneurial minds and potential business partners is inspired by the business-friendly stance and renewed hope of the current Asiwaju-led administration, along with its focus on economic revitalization.

By facilitating this event, Prince Akinsemoyin and Dr. Towry-Coker are carving a pathway for more foreign investments, joint venture partnerships, and job creation across various spheres of Nigeria’s economy.

This event is a strategic move to attract investors and organizations to Nigeria’s diverse economy. And with a recent peak in poverty rates exceeding 90%, the significance of such an initiative cannot be overstated. It is an opportunity to boost economic growth, alleviate poverty, and strengthen the various economic classes of Nigerian citizens. Finally, by welcoming foreign investment and fostering international partnerships, Nigerians can anticipate an uplifting of the lower class, a revival of the middle class, and a reinvigoration of the economy. These impacts will lead to immediate improvements and sustainable growth that can lay the groundwork for future development and renewed confidence in the competence of our elected officials—a glorious prospect for our great nation.

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