The Yinka Davies I Know… Happy Birthday To The Afrojazz Queen @53, By Bimbo Esho

Yinka Davies the AfroJazz Music Diva, an accomplished screen goddess , the creative genius. Yes these are the words that best describe YINKA DAVIES.

Yinka Davies the great Music Diva born with the creative ability to combine divergent and convergent thinking skills to continuously produce innovative and novel ideas . Her critical thinking Ideate and create.

The beautiful screen goddess that holds her audience captive whenever she appears either on screen or on stage. Yes the same Davies that has remained relevant through different generations.

That beauty that grew up in Ebute Metta. The one that loves LAGOS and breathes everything LAGOS. The one whose soothing and melodious voice brings tranquility to the mind and relaxes the soul.

Oh Yes, that beautiful one that has reinvented the past in order to recreate the future with her innate talent and creative ingenuity.

I am talking about that Yinka Davies that has contributed immensely to the growth of music in Nigeria particularly Jazz music.

Oh! The same Davies that is full of empathy and compassion for humanity.

Three ????????????????????????Gbosas to one of the finest voices in Nigeria.

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