Counter-insurgency: 8 Years After, Returnee IDPs Celebrate Eid Sallah At Mallam Fatori, Borno State

Residents of Mallam Fatori town in Borno State joined other Muslim faithful across the world to observe this year’s Eid-il-Fitr, an Islamic festival to mark the end of the 2022 Ramadan fasting.

PRNigeria learnt that this is the first time the Eid prayer would take place in the North-East town, since 2014 when the terrorists took over the town before it was recaptured a year later.

Rampaging activities of Boko Haram terrorists forced inhabitants of Mallam Fatori to flee their ancestral homes, for almost eight years.

A humanitarian worker told PRNigeria that the people were excited about security and safety in the town.

“Thanks to the Multinational Joint Taskforce (NNJTF) who recaptured the town from Boko Haram fighters and the resettlement programme of the Borno State Government. Several internally-displaced persons, IDPs, and refugees, who hitherto were residents of the town, returned to their ancestral homes and communities, a few months ago.

“Aside from the Eid prayer, which was successfully held in the town, the people have been participating in various fun-filled activities to celebrate the Sallah festival.

“We have been enjoying ourselves since on Sallah day, up till today, and even till Friday,” he concluded.

In his Khutbah (sermon) after leading the Eid prayer, the Chief Imam, Sheikh Gwoni Modu, urged the worshippers to pray for an end to the Boko Haram-ISWAP terrorism and support the security personnel and government so that Mallam Fatori and other communities in Borno State can enjoy peace.

PRNigeria’s checks indicate that since 2015 after the military recaptured Mallam Fatori from insurgents, Nigerian troops have repelled over 300 attempts by Boko Haram and ISWAP to dislodge them and reoccupy the town.

The courageous military commander Lt Col Abu Ali was killed in one of the battles at Mallam Fatori in November 2016. The town was eventually liberated and the army base reoccupied.

Mallam Fatori, the headquarters of Abadam Local Government is a border town with Niger.

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