Akwa Ibom Guber: Insider Reveals Reveals Ephraim Inyang-Eyen Is A Mole In Oba’s Camp, Says OBA Should Watch His Back

Ephraim Inyang-eyen is a mole, nurtured, planted and sent to derail Senator Bassey Albert’s bid for governorship, a disgruntled insider to the plot has revealed.

According to the disenchanted former collaborator, the idea to foist Ephraim Inyan-Eyen on Senator Bassey Albert, otherwise Known as OBA as a “minder” and a fake supporter was reached sometime in 2019, shortly after the elections.

“It was determined that Senator Bassey Albert would definitely run for the office of governor of Akwa Ibom State, and the general consensus within certain political circles was that OBA was not, by temperament, his unbridled arrogance, his over- reported close associations with cultism in the state and his also alleged commitment to unleashing violence as a way and means of gaining power; his desperation to rule the state, which has made him strike an agreement with certain forces outside the state, who are desirous of talking us back economically, not suitable to be the governor of the state at this time of peace and security the state is enjoying.

“OBA meanwhile, had made it known that he was going to run and win the governorship of the state, whatever it took, violence and all. To checkmate OBA’S sense of entitlement, it was determined that certain people would be ‘assigned’ to him as ‘minders,’ with the expressed directive to show loyalty, fidelity and fake trust in his capacity to become the governor. Ephraim Inyang -eyen, was drafted to carry out that task, and he accepted the role with happiness and assurances of his capacity to get the job done.

“I was a key part of the plot and we have so far, gained the confidence of OBA, to the extent that last week, OBA appointed Ephraim Inyang-eyen as the Deputy Chairman of his Campaign Council. That singular act is the fatal mistake OBA has made in his run for the office of governor, as every strategic considerations and decisions taken, have been revealed and compromised. OBA, I can tell you, currently is floating, as every plan and calculations he has made is in the hands of other contestants.

“Ephraim Inyang-eyen is a very combustible person, he has been fighting and insulting some of us, who were, and are still insiders of this plot, and we have been warning him to trade softly that a time will come when we will tell him that we have had enough of his bomb-throwing character and will then spill the beans. I have decided to do this now.

“Let Ephraim Inyang come and deny what I have put out here. He knows who I am and I know he will tell the OBA Campaign Organisation that I am lying .Time will tell!” the source concluded.

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